Problem Statement

Our design thinking strategy team was asked to enable an academic health system to effectively develop a new vision and strategy for their leadership. As they plan to embark on a large transformation journey in the new year, they seek to identify what new strategies, capabilities, and behaviors they need to adopt in order to be successful.

This project is still underway and is set to be completed at the end of December

Our solution is to create a digital, activity based portal for the health system's leadership team to apply design thinking methodologies to effectively and successfully undergo transformation

To create initial wireframes to review with the client, we drafted website-like pages onto PowerPoint slides. The seven wireframes were grouped according to the five primary design thinking steps in the design process: Discover, Describe, Ideate, Prototype, and Implement. Within each of these steps, activities are currently being drafted for health leadership to complete while developing and refining transformation strategies.

In a recent revision of our work, we have renamed the steps to: Discover, Vision, Co-Create, Scale and Sustain based on client feedback. Additional detail on our progress throughout each of these steps is below. Our progress is now available online for user testing through an InVision website. 

Developing the Solution: PRogress to Date

Login Page

The Design Portal is currently being created in pertnership with InVision, and is fully functional for user testing

Profile Page

In the profile page, users have the option to select an avatar, or upload their own picture in addition to contact information

Progress Tracker

At the bottom of the profile page, users are able to monitor their progress and activities, both upcoming and completed

Section 1: Discover

Discover Overview Page

Users are introduced to the discover section here. We are currently working to add more activities and resources to allow users to think more critically about their personal leadership styles and what matters most to them

Strengths Assessment

To gain a better understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses, a strength assessment test is being developed. This is one of the primary activities in the Discover section

Leadership Profile Review

Based on their results, users would then be aligned to leadership profiles. Clicking on each profile would contain additional, detailed information on the type of leader they most closely resemble 

Section 2: Vision

Vision Overview Page

The purpose of the vision board is to have users, with their newfound learnings about themselves, focus on developing their vision for the future state of their organization through a combination of idea generating and forming vision boards

Coach Calls

To monitor and gather user insights, we are incorporating "coach calls" with our Accenture Talent and Organization specialists. We plan to aggregate these insights to then share back with the core leadership group

Reflection Period

In addition to coach calls, we are also incorporating regular reflection periods to provide leadership with time to gather and record their thoughts, observations, and progress

Section 3: Co-Create

Co-Create Overview Page

The co-create section is being developed for leadership to participate in workshops together to uncover new ideas, approaches, and solutions as a team

Workshop Creation

We are currently in the process of creating and revising three core workshops, with plans to have them facilitated with our Accenture Talent and Organization specialists. Details regarding each workshop are below

Workshop 1 Overview

Our vision for Workshop 1 is to set up participants to think critically and come to an agreement on the most pressing areas they need to be focusing on

We plan to guide them to identify these areas through reflecting on issues within their own organization, and obtaining inspiration from what other leaders in the industry are doing

Workshop 2 Overview

Following, in Workshop 2, our goal is to lead participants to figuring out what the team wants to be known for post-transformation 

We plan to provide examples as sources for inspiration as they begin to fine tune their mission and vision for the future

Workshop 2 Continued

In the second phase, we plan to form workshops to empower leadership to brainstorm and think through how to best integrate the newly identified core values, structure, and mission into their teams and throughout the organization

Workshop 3 Overview

Workshop 3 aims to focus on forming a detailed road map using the ideas and themes generated from Workshops 1 and 2

The goal is to have key leadership align on target strategy, model and value levers, and develop prioritized project initiatives

Next Steps

We are currently planning a series of next steps to enable leadership integrate the road map and key findings into their future-state operating model, including performance metrics and targeted outcomes

Section 4: Scale

Scale Overview Page

We are still in the process of developing content for our Scale step within the design portal

We are working with the client to best determine how they can pilot key elements of their solution to maintain an iterative approach throughout implementation

Section 5: Sustain

Sustain Overview Page

Additionally, we are working with the academic health system's leadership to design an effective methodology to be able to continuously monitor and refine their transformation strategy